ALASKA - We had the most fabulous trip. Alaska was all and more than we anticipated…Hotel Alyeska was wonderful… we did snowmobiling, ice canyoning, dog sledding and helicopter to the glacier and ice caves were incredible experiences that will stay in our memories for a life time.  Lori and Rachel (hotel staff) made special efforts to be in early at breakfast each day to hand over the Amazing Race envelope to Katherine (revealing the days activity)… We soon became known as the Amazing Race Family…this was a trip of a lifetime for our family and we pinch ourselves that we were so lucky to win the competition.  We want to thank you, Channel 7, John West and all who were involved. Client: Seven Brand: John West Type: Consumer promotion

NEW YORK - “Thank you. All I wanna say is the trip was absolutely AMAZING.. Had the time of my life. Everything was very well planned and organised. Loved private tours and especially the private suite at Madison Square Garden (Ice Hockey). Couldn't have asked for anything more except for few more days like that :p .” and “The trip was an amazing experience, I have been to so many places around the world but this one has topped them all. It was a money can't buy experience from the very little details like transportation around the city of NYC to the most magnificent sports experience inside a suite box. The team the organisers and the host were super professional and loads of fun. This incentive program was the best and the biggest I've ever participated in. I have made so many new friends during this trip and most certainly have sweet memories to remember forever. Thank you so much for organising such an experience, and I do appreciate the amount of energy and time has been placed organising it.” Client: Octagon Brand: Samsung Type: Trade incentive

SOUTH AUSTRALIA - We had an amazing weekend away. Waverley Estate was fantastic, absolutely amazing....
The Chef Cindy was beautiful we came to the realisation after meeting her that she catered our wedding 15 yrs ago, we had an amazing night with wonderful food and company ... Again, thank you for organizing a wonderful weekend.
Client: Play Brand: Wither Hills Type: Consumer promotion

SYDNEY -  I just wanted to say a big thank you to (33 Degrees) for the part that you played in putting my wonderful prize together. We had lots of fun at the Langham (Sydney) - Nicky (Buckly) and Rachael (Friend) were really lovely, as were our surroundings!
Client: Seven Brand: Children’s Panadol Type: Consumer promotion

HERON ISLAND - Wow! What a fantastic trip! Erika and I enjoyed ourselves so much. Everything was wonderful. 33 Degrees rocks! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Client: Pacific Magazines/Seven Brand: Toyota Corolla Type: Consumer promotion

BRAZIL - Everything went to plan exactly how we wanted it to. The Copacabana Palace was amazing…they upgraded us which was amazing, our massive balcony looked straight over the pool and the beach. Again, many thanks for all your help in organising it. It was a trip of a life time. Client: Nine Brand: Oral B Type: Consumer promotion

LONDON - Thank you again SO MUCH for making the trip an absolute WONDER! We had so much fun, met some amazing people and saw MANY amazing things - it still feels like a dream! The South Place Hotel was fabulous - we were seriously treated like queens! One of the concierges - Saul - kept us in stitches the whole time, we will truly miss him. And all the other staff - especially concierge Burak and Paola and Dennis in the brasserie - were lovely. Peter from the tour was such a cool dude. By the end of the day I wanted to call him 'Uncle Pete' and mum and I couldn't help but give him a hug :D. The X Factor nights were a marvel! The production was unbelievable and the VIP parties were second-to-none. Client: Seven Brand: Rimmel Type: Consumer promotion

ALASKA - Everything went perfectly with the arrangements you made for us. Thank you very much for everything - and to Julie too. Ever since my first contact with 33 Degrees I have been very impressed with the service provided. Thanks again to you both for making the wonderful Canon prize a reality. Client: Leo Burnett Brand: Canon Type: Consumer promotion

UK / FRANCE / GERMANY / CZECH REPUBLIC - The trip was amazing, really really good - which we expected of course.  Great weather, great company, sights, shopping. Singapore Airlines were absolutely great - treated us like royalty with the kids.  London was probably my favourite.  We had been 10 years ago and I loved it just as much this time around.  The train to Eurodisney was good…kids loved Disney…We spent one day in Paris.  The horse & carriage ride was a real highlight.  Just magic....  Kids loved it, we felt like real kings on the carriage.  Lifetime highlight that one. Overall, we had an amazing time.  Quality family time that we may never have again.  Just wanted to say big thank you to yourself, Julie and the team for the organising.  I know I can be quite painful to deal with at times!  Also of course if you could pass on our gratitude to Canon.  We have over 5000 photos from the trip.  Our highlights package is 700 pics!  We have told heaps of people and they are all buying Canon cameras now and entering competitions!  People can't believe that these things happen to real people. Client: Leo Burnett Brand: Canon Type: Consumer promotion

ANTARCTICA - As for Antarctica, to say it was an amazing, awesome or an unbelievable trip would be an understatement. Even with crappy weather most of the time, yes it was cold, snowing and foggy on many mornings, didn’t deter from its beauty, animal life or the fun I had on the boat. As with all trips, the people you meet make a big difference and the people I hooked up with, shared a room with and partied hard on a few nights all added to the experience. I survived the Drake Passage and didn’t puke up once, though I was rendered horizontal on a few days when the seas were rough, crossed the Antarctic Circle to become a member of the 66.33-degree club and can now lay claim to setting foot on all 7 continents of the world. I think this sums it up for me. Yes worth the trip if you ever get the chance. Client: Leo Burnett Brand: Canon Type: Consumer promotion

NSW/QLD - The weather really let us down but we’ll definitely go back to Paperbark Camp when the weather is warmer!  It was a very cool place and the staff were exceptional. The hotels in both Brisbane and Sydney were really nice and close to everything so tell Julie she picked those perfectly for us. Thanks so much to you all for the organising it all.  We had a fantastic time. Client: Leo Burnett Brand: Canon Type: Consumer promotion

UK/FRANCE/GERMANY/THE NETHERLANDS - We would like to thank-you for all your great work organising and booking our honeymoon to London, Paris, Munich, Berlin and Amsterdam. All flights, train travel between the cities and accommodation were exactly what we wanted, which helped us make the most out of our holiday. You did a great job and made our trip one that we will treasure forever! Client: Leo Burnett Brand: Canon Type: Consumer promotion

PERU/ECUADOR - The lodge in Amazon was “cool”, thatch roofed huts with screened walls to let the air through and hammocks for snoozing and mosquito netted bed, large dining room for meals, food and variety was good although no Piranha on the menu he,he – staff extremely helpful and friendly - Luis, our guide was terrific – saw huge Tarantulas on our night jungle walk – Caimans, Monkeys, Porcupine, Lizards, Macaws, a rare sighting of an Ornate Hawk Eagle and lots of other birds as well on our night and day trips – plenty of boat trips up and down the huge Madre de Dios River. I managed to overcome my fear of heights and climb up the 30metre high Canopy Walk and cross the suspension bridges up in the trees - was very scary. Machu Picchu was amazing !!! How the Incas built this place is astounding…Lake Titicaca is beautiful with the floating islands made of reeds - incredible how they are built and local people very clever with their handcrafts. Our guide for this trip was very good too and we also had a lovely lunch at local restaurant on Island Of Tequille. Quito in Ecuador is a really pretty city. Gina, our guide was great, a really lovely lady, and she made our tour very special and personal. She also gave us a list of places to visit when we returned after Galapagos cruise including a local Ecuadorian Restaurant – tried Guinea Pig (considered a delicacy over here). Galapagos cruise was terrific also – went snorkelling and saw heaps of fish, lots of different birds (blue footed boobies and albatross nesting and doing mating dances), seals, sea turtles, marine iguanas, bright coloured crabs, penguins, sharks (thankfully not in the water the same time as me), giant tortoises - the wildlife is amazing.  Thank you again for your help in getting all this arranged and of course a huge thank you to Canon for the prize – Noel is loving the camera he bought which resulted in this prize and says “ but I don’t get enough spare time to use it” . Client: Leo Burnett Brand: Canon Type: Consumer promotion

TASMANIA - “Thank you so much for your excellent organising skills. We had a fantastic time and got to meet some awesome employees of Boag’s who made me feel very special and shouted a few beers as well. The timing was great with the beer festival being on which we enjoyed... heaps of fun and friendly people. The brewery tour was excellent and we spent up in the gift shop with lots of mementos of the trip. We did the Tamar River Cruise, Cataract Gorge and enjoyed the water front with the wooden boat display.  A massive thanks to all involved with the Boags promotion... loved every minute of it.” Client: Momentum Brand: James Boag’s Type: Consumer promotion

NORTHERN TERRITORY - Just to let you know we had a fantastic time at Bamarru Plains. The flights went well both ways; the accommodation, food and staff were terrific; the weather was perfect; the wildlife was fascinating; and we consumed plenty of the James Squire product. Thanks for organising everything so well, and of course thank you to James Squire for the once in a lifetime holiday we shared with good friends. Client: Momentum Brand: James Squire Type: Consumer promotion

TASMANIA - “It was awesome, we had a great time, loved Tassie, can’t wait to go back.  Really laid back place with very friendly people.  Thanks for all your help, it all went really smoothly with no dramas and it was nice to deal with such a professional company.” Client: Momentum Brand: James Boag’s Type: Consumer promotion

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